Times newspaper obituaries (2024)

Obituaries from The Times newspaper

Obituaries from The Times newspaper

Royal NavyPersonnel

The table below contains links to obituaries of a selection of persons (mainly Royal Navy officers), documented in this website, which were published in The Times newspaper.

OfficerBornDiedRank reached
ThomasBaillie R.N. 1811 1889Vice-Admiral
John Kennedy ErskineBaird R.N. 1832 1908Admiral
Frederick LamportBarnard R.N. 18131880Captain
Lord Charles William de la PoerBeresford R.N. 18461919Admiral
Edward AlverneBolitho R.N. 18421908Commander
Charles WrightBonham R.N. 18171910Captain
Charles Fenton FletcherBoughey R.N. 18281894Captain
ThomasBourchier R.N. 17911849Captain
NathanielBowden-Smith R.N. 1838 1921Admiral
WilliamBowles R.N. 1780 1869Admiral of the Fleet
George Le GeytBowyear R.N. 18151903Captain
ThomasBrandreth R.N. 18251894Admiral
James Andrew ThomasBruce R.N. 18461921Rear-Admiral
AlexanderBuller R.N. 18341903Admiral
Hon. JohnCarnegie R.N. 18291883Captain
Hon. Walter CecilCarpenter R.N. 18341904Admiral
Henry JohnCarr R.N. 18391914Captain
HenryChads R.N. 1819 1906Admiral
Earl of Clanwilliam R.N. 18321907Admiral of the Fleet
Bouverie FrancisClark R.N. 18421922Captain
Henry JohnCodrington R.N. 1808 1877Admiral of the Fleet
John EdmundCommerell R.N. 1829 1901Admiral of the Fleet
JohnCorbett R.N. 1822 1893Admiral
MichaelCulme-Seymour R.N. 1836 1920Admiral
Charles ThomasCurme R.N. 1827 1892Vice-Admiral
Assheton GoreCurzon-Howe R.N. 18501911Admiral
St George CaulfieldD'Arcy-Irvine R.N. 18331916Admiral
Edwin Clayton TennysonD'Eyncourt R.N. 18131903Rear-Admiral
Sidney ColpoysDacres R.N. 1804 1884Admiral
Alfred TaylorDale R.N. 1840 1925Admiral
Algernon Frederick RousDe Horsey R.N. 1827 1922Admiral
Henry ManglesDenham R.N. 18001887Rear-Admiral
Compton EdwardDomvile R.N. 18421924Admiral
Archibald LuciusDouglas R.N. 1842 1913Admiral
William MontaguDowell R.N. 1825 1912Admiral
ByronDrury R.N. 1815 1888Captain
JohnDurnford R.N. 18491914Admiral
FrancisDurrant R.N. 18371896Captain
Duke ofEdinburgh R.N. 1844 1900Admiral of the Fleet
WilliamEdmonstone R.N. 18101888Rear-Admiral
Charles Gilbert John BrydoneElliot R.N. 1818 1895Admiral of the Fleet
George AugustusElliot R.N. 1813 1901Admiral
HenryFairfax R.N. 1837 1900Admiral
Edward GennysFanshawe R.N. 1814 1906Admiral
ArthurFarquhar R.N. 1815 1908Admiral
CharlesFellowes R.N. 1823 1886Vice-Admiral
JohnFellowes 18431913(civilian)
Lord AdolphusFitzclarence R.N. 1802 1856Rear-Admiral
CharlesFitzgerald R.N. 17921887Captain
Robert O'BrienFitzroy R.N. 18391896Rear-Admiral
Hon. Fitzgerald Algernon CharlesFoley R.N. 1823 1903Vice-Admiral
Charles HoweFremantle R.N. 1800 1869Admiral
Hon. Edmund RobertFremantle R.N. 18361929Admiral
JohnFulford R.N. 18091888Rear-Admiral
Hon. Henry CarrGlyn R.N. 18291884Vice-Admiral
GeorgeGoldsmith R.N. 18071888Rear-Admiral
William ElringtonGordon R.N. 18311897Rear-Admiral
WilliamGore-Jones R.N. 18261888Admiral
John Frederick GeorgeGrant R.N. 18351916Rear-Admiral
Frederick WilliamGrey R.N. 1805 1878Admiral
GeorgeGrey R.N. 18091891Vice-Admiral
William KingHall R.N. 1816 1886Admiral
Richard VeseyHamilton R.N. 1829 1912Admiral
GeorgeHanco*ck R.N. 1819 1876Rear-Admiral
Edward Alfred JohnHarris R.N. 18081888Captain
RobertHarris R.N. 18091865Captain
EdwardHarvey R.N. 1783 1865Admiral
ThomasHarvey R.N. 1810 1868Rear-Admiral
George FowlerHastings R.N. 1813 1876Vice-Admiral
Lord JohnHay R.N. 1827 1916Admiral of the Fleet
Reginald Friend HannamHenderson R.N. 18461932Admiral
Arthur William AclandHood R.N. 1824 1901Admiral
JamesHope R.N. 1808 1881Admiral
Geoffrey Thomas PhippsHornby R.N. 1825 1895Admiral of the Fleet
CharlesHotham R.N. 1806 1855Captain
Charles FrederickHotham R.N. 1843 1925Admiral of the Fleet
Edward AugustusInglefield R.N. 1820 1894Admiral
CharlesJohnstone R.N. 18431927Captain
John ParryJones-Parry R.N. 18291920Captain
HenryKeppel R.N. 1809 1904Admiral of the Fleet
Lord Walter TalbotKerr R.N. 18391927Admiral of the Fleet
George RobertLambert R.N. 17951869Admiral
Henry JohnLeeke R.N. 1794 1870Admiral
Prince Ernest L.V.C.A.J.ELeiningen R.N. 1830 1904Admiral
Thomas BridgemanLethbridge R.N. 1829 1892Admiral
Algernon McLennanLyons R.N. 1833 1908Admiral of the Fleet
Reginald John James GeorgeMacdonald R.N. 1820 1899Admiral
Donald McLeodMackenzie R.N. 18151894Captain
RochfortMaguire R.N. <1830 1867Captain
Albert HastingsMarkham R.N. 18411918Vice-Admiral
William FanshaweMartin R.N. 1801 1895Admiral
Henry FrederickMcKillop R.N. 1822 1879Captain
William RobertMends R.N. 1812 1897Captain
ThomasMiller R.N. 18191899Vice-Admiral
AlexanderMilne R.N. 18061896Admiral
Arthur WilliamMoore R.N. 18471934Rear-Admiral
George DigbyMorant R.N. 18371921Admiral
JohnMoresby R.N. 1830 1922Vice-Admiral
George RodneyMundy R.N. 1805 1884Admiral
CharlesMurray-Aynsley R.N. 18211901Captain
Gerard Henry UctredNoel R.N. 18451918Admiral of the Fleet
ErasmusOmmanney R.N. 1814 1904Vice-Admiral
SherardOsborn R.N. 1822 1875Rear-Admiral
Thomas AlexanderPakenham R.N. 18201889Captain
Alfred Arthur ChaseParr R.N. 18491914Vice-Admiral
Thomas SabinePasley R.N. 1804 1884Admiral
GeorgePaulet R.N. 1803 1879Admiral
Charles CooperPenrose Fitzgerald R.N. 18411921Admiral
AugustusPhillimore R.N. 1822 1897Admiral
George WilliamPreedy R.N. 1817 1894Captain
DavidPrice R.N. 17901854Rear-Admiral
Henry JamesRaby R.N. 1827 1907Captain
Harry HoldsworthRawson R.N. 18431910Admiral
Edward JamesReed 1830 1906(civilian)
BarringtonReynolds R.N. 1785 1861Admiral
Edward BridgesRice R.N. 18191902Admiral
ErnestRice R.N. 18401927Commander
Frederick WilliamRichards R.N. 1833 1912Admiral of the Fleet
Robert SpencerRobinson R.N. 1809 1889Vice-Admiral
Hon. Henry JohnRous R.N. 17951877Admiral
Thomas HarveyRoyse R.N. 1835 1909Captain
Alfred PhillippsRyder R.N. 1820 1888Admiral of the Fleet
NowellSalmon R.N. 1835 1912Admiral of the Fleet
Frederick Beauchamp PagetSeymour R.N. 1821 1895Admiral
George FrancisSeymour R.N. 1787 1870Admiral of the Fleet
MichaelSeymour R.N. 1802 1887Admiral
Charles Frederick AlexanderShadwell R.N. 1814 1886Vice-Admiral
RobertSmart R.N. 1796 1874Admiral
HenrySmith R.N. 18031887Admiral
JamesStephen 17891859(civilian)
HoustonStewart R.N. 1791 1875Admiral of the Fleet
William HoustonStewart R.N. 1822 1901Admiral
Robert FanshaweStopford R.N. 18111891Vice-Admiral
Thomas AnthonySwinburne R.N. 18201893Commander
Thomas Matthew CharlesSymonds R.N. 18131894Admiral of the Fleet
CharlesTalbot R.N. 18011876Admiral
EdwardTatham R.N. 18111880Captain
Arthur ThomasThrupp R.N. 1828 1889Rear-Admiral
Richard EdwardTracey R.N. 1837 1907Admiral
GeorgeTryon R.N. 18321893Vice-Admiral
Baldwin WakeWalker R.N. 1802 1876Admiral
FrederickWarden R.N. 18071869Rear-Admiral
Richard LairdWarren R.N. 1809 1875Admiral
WilliamWarren R.N. 17981871Captain
George GrevilleWellesley R.N. 1814 1901Admiral
RichardWells R.N. 1833 1896Admiral
George OmmaneyWilles R.N. 18231901Admiral
Arthur KnyvetWilson R.N. 1842 1921Admiral of the Fleet
John CrawfordWilson R.N. <18551885Rear-Admiral
WilliamWiseman R.N. 18451893Captain
William SaltonstallWiseman R.N. 18141874Rear-Admiral
GeorgeWodehouse R.N. 18101900Captain
Hastings ReginaldYelverton R.N. 1808 1878Admiral


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Times newspaper obituaries (2024)
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