The Daily Item from Sunbury, Pennsylvania (2024)

roUirtfi page THEStJNBURY ITEM, SUNBURY, PENNSYLVANIA. "SATURDAY JANUARY 27, 1934. 0 0 DANVILLE NEWS THE SUNBURY ITEll INC Established 1891 Francis Blosky, all of Danville. Four daughters, Mrs. Joseph Es-wert, Danville; Mrs.

Blair Mertz, Northumberland; Mrs. Harry Wise, Milton; Mrs. Stella Sitler, Danville. Funeral arrangements will be announced later. SELISGROVE NEWS GERHARD F.

KERN, Reporter. I. O. Befl 'Phone 1.74.; MENTAL PATENT DS AFTER 56 YEARS IN DOTAL Forty-six years in the Danville State Hospital for Mental' Diseases was the record of a patient- whose long confinement' ended by death recently. This record is the longest ever registered, at the in WANTED- Lase farm by the year, or on the or farm' to take care of.

Experienced man and hard worker. WritejLester Keister, in care of V. A. KoblemivBSS Susquehanna avenue, Sunbury, P. i 1 i i PLACE SECM 03 P.

D. Iff A. OFFICERS i ii J. Irvin Coldren, of Selins-l grove, district president; installed: officers of the Shamokin Dam Patriotic Order' of America 310, Thursday night at that place. Thp new.

officers -are: i stitution." Entering, the hospital when he Officers of the-. Kratzeryille was about 20, the man remained a Grange, which is the youngest patient until he was 76. grange in Snyder county, were in-All ages are represnted at the stalled Thursday by Pomona mas-institution. The oldest is a wo- ter Samuel P. Stauffet, of Selins-man 93 years.

Twelve to fifteen grove. Roy P. Benfetfis the new years are the youngest patients master of the Kratzerville grange, received. Mr. Stauffer was assisted by 176 PHYSICIANS ATTEND GLlHlC Third monthly Posfc-Graduate Assembly was held at the Geisin ger Memorial Hospital yesterday Under the auspices of the Montour County Medical Society.

A total of 167 physicians were present to hear the addresses at the clinic. Speakers were: Dr. Robert Y. Grone, Dr. C.

E. Ervin, of the Gei-singer hospital staff, and Dr. E. Ervin. chief of the medical staff.

Dr. T. C. Stellwagen, professor of Urology at Jefferson Medical Col lege who spoke on "Diagnosis and Treatment of Kenal stones. Dr.

T. R. Fetter, department of Urology, Jefferson Medical College, opened the general discussion. Physicians and surgeons were present from communities within a hfty mile radius of Danville. C.

OF E. APPROVE Approval of the action of Boro Council in providing funds for the reservoir projects was given by the board of directors of the Dan ville Chamber of Commerce at its meeting yesterday. Eleven directors and four visit ors were present at the Thos. B. Evans, deputy adminis trator of the CWA was accorded a rising vote of thanks for his effort in behalf of the community.

COUNTY CWJS. Figures released yesterday indi cate that 1:082 persons are em ployed under the Civil Works Ad-, ministration in Montour County as of January 18, with a weekly payroll of $15,174.10. Montour county total man hours-for the week were 29,727. This information was issued from the office of Area No. 1, which in-r eludes Montour, Northumberland, Union, Snyder and Columbia, counties, with headquarters at Sun-bury.

ITJOOFTfJ DIES AT HOSPITAL Mrs. Agnes Blosky, Montour Row, mother of ten children, and the widow of Adolph Blosky, died at the Geisinger Memorial hospital last evening at 7:15 o'clock at the age of 59 -years. She was admitted to the hospital-Monday following the rupture of her appendix and underwent an operation. A native of Poland, Mrs. Blosky had been a resident of Danville for the past 47 years.

Her husband preceded her in death in September, 1932. She was a member of St. Joseph's church and the Rosary Society. Surviying are six sons, Thomas, Raymond, Bernard. Joseph, Andrew; mm on Descended trotr tne Suribury American GetMllsbed 1140 -beved erorj evening except Sunday Offle Meond A Chestnut Street Ball Phone 1S00 Harry H.

Haddoa Managing Editor Bajaa A. Back Buainaaa Manages Pranei Q. Burrow City Bditor Ttd J. Brrod Advertising Manager -Gsorge ,7. MeCorkU.

Circulation Manager TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION Bjf Carrier or Hall Ova Year t4.SU una Honto .40 Single Copy' Member Audit Bureau of Circulation full leeaed wire service of United Pre Circulation book open to all Advertising rate furnished on request Second Class MaU Matter Guaranteed circa lation in the Nor- 'MEMBEI LUDIT thumberland, Sny- UREAU der, and Union 1 or county field. JRCULATIC SATURDAY, JANUARY 27, 1934. TIME TO THROTTLE CARS? Motor, clubs are going on record against a suggestion from Harris-burg that the Legislature may be asked to pass a law requiring speed governors on all motor vehicles in the state. It is pointed out that automobile manufacturers have spent millions of dollars in perfecting, motors, and that one of the most outstand ing improvements is the increase in power. A carburetor governor limiting speed will reduce the power of an engine in ratio to the arbitrary setting of the governor, and under such conditions, it is contended, accidents would be more likely to increase than to decrease.

It is 'emphasized that ability' to accelerate quickly is just as important from a safety standpoint as to stop quickly. Cost to car owners, if such installation were required, would exceed $22,000,000. Opponents do not concede the possibility of such a requirement. SCHOOL OF DIPLOMACY Another sign of the is the proposal of 'the-Irliohal League of Masonic clubs to establish a school in Washington to train nien -for diplomatic, service. The project grows out of two diplomatic professorships already existing in George Washington University, which would be used as the nur cleus the new institution.

Diplomacy is' mov important today than-ever It. steadily gains in scope and requirements a 3 the world grows together and international --problems': bee ome more complex. Whether, we like it or not, there will be more intercourse tw een nations right along, more things to adjust, more 0. international machinery to manage. Some old fashioned diplomats will say that schools are unneces sary, that the way to learn.

diplo macy is to start in the service and work up, learning necessary things as you- hasheen said." at some time or other, of nearly every profession and occu pation. The tendency -in all lines ia-strongly t'o ward institutions for special instruction, which will teach fundamentals and principles and avoid routine and red tape. The old diplomacy is dying out. There may well be a fresh start for the new. THREE STRIKES The- only thing wrong with the past of average old maid is that it is too long.

Probably murderers who take their own lives are tired of waiting for the law to do it. latest European peace pact guarantees peace if no one starts a war. Hold $25,000 R.R. Loot Mob (Continued from page One) this section has been going on at intervals during a period of several y' In practically every instance, the robberies occurred between Rock-ville, which is north of Harrisburg and Sunbury. As many as twenty and twenty five cases of cigarettes were stolen from a single car.

Entrance was gained to a box car the train was traveling at slow speed and at selected spots I WAKTED Names 'men women. 1850, 'wtohina; "GoTernmeBt Jobs. (10S.OO-$176.00 month. Many exarainatiati coming. 25 coached FREE.

Apply, today for particulars. Write, Box J-185 care of Item Office. WANTED Saleaman to sell quality beverages to hotels and club. Must be a real live honestr sober" and be able to furVish reference. 'Box 250 care of Item Office.

WANTED Young- man able to drive truck and public: Prefer man that-is, well known in Sunbury. Salary and commission. Address Box 18 care of Item-Office. POULTRY AND EGGS WANTED High- est prices paid. Call Duttt.

A Wsgner, Northumberland, Pa, Phone 1202-M between 4 and 9 P. M. FOQ DALE FOR SALE Engine, 7. horse power, portable, burns kerosene, in good condition. Easy starting.

A real bargain Martin L. Heckert, Northumberland. On juuton Moad. FOR SALE Dresser, chairs, tables, 'beds $1.00 up, oil. gas and coal stoves $2.50 up, lumber 2x4, doors, windows $1.50, China closet, new bed nd toilet outfit $12.60, radiators.

Also' building P. R. R. siding 60x75 and' House in 'Sel- Call 217 Chest nut street. FOR SALE An' 8 room single house.

located -at 14S King street. NhrtHntn. All conveniences, large lot with stall cement block garage, good loca tion, and desirable. Apply at 148 King 01 wu, wirtnumoenintt, -jra. caused of laughter, and the parts were taken by Misses Helena Swineford, a dine Swineford, Mae Matty Fry, and Sara Renninger.

Miss Evelyn Ludwigsclosed. the program by reading a humorously composed ireaK HOSTESSES Mrs. Russell W. Johnston enter tained her bridge club in- her SO. Market street residence Thursday afternoon.

Mrs. Dallac of West wamuc street, was nostess to tne Fortnightly club Thursday after noon. Mrs. William Groce, 6ft South Markat street; entertained friends at bridge Wednesday. afternoon in her home.

Mrs. Robert T. Fisher, 1 of East Pine street, entertained' members of her bridge cluh" Wednesday evening in her home. Miss Mary Miller ehterta'iiaed at dinner' in the home of her -Bar ents, Mr. and Mrs.

'Charles Mill of East Pine- street. The 'guests included Miss Laura Gemberlmg, Miss Mabel aad Jessie Noll. i Miss Anna Nase eiitertained -at dinner in honor of Prof. Percy -M. Linebaugh's birthday in the City hotel, Sunburyj andfPtofessor and Mrs.

Linebaugh and daughter, Shirley, and 'Professor and Mrs. E. Edwin Sheldon attended. MIDDLEBURG EMERGEKCT PLAYERS ENTERTAIN Emerfirencv- Plavers df Emman uel Lutheran Church, Ml4dleburg, presented two short plays for the public delections last niorht tio ftd- mission Demg cnargeu, uuz ings being Both plays were nicely' done, and withni a few days another' play, "One of the Nine," will be pre sented by these Thesbians: Janitor's New Broom" was act ed bv A. Duck.

Mrs. L. Bachman, Ira Reinard," Evan Pk Hassinger, William" Stettler, Mis Pauline Klose, and Bryan Kauf man. "Unto the Least of These." missionary theme, was presented last night by Miss Alberta Heis-er. Miss Mary Stettler, Miss Ann Walters, George Herman, Mrs.

Charles Kuhns, Miss Margaret Snook, Miss Jean Barkey. STATE HI6K7AY PATROL MAY PLACE DETAIL HERE Selinsgrove may get its wish of having Pennslyvania State. High-- way Patrolmen located here. The location may be the store room in the Dr. E.

Raymond Decker. Build ing, isouth Market street, to be va cated next mbrtth by the number one store of Weis Pure Food. If present plans are 'followed, a full detail of men will be sjtationed here and the room now used for store room, will be used forithe pa trol offices, and apartments on the second floor will be turned into 1 COUNTY FRUIT MEET MOMY EVENING Snyder County Fruit Growers will hold an insect control meeting next.Monday evening at 7:30 P. the county court house, Middleburg. Rosy aphis control, codling moth problems, and the, use of tar oil distillates as a dormant spray -are among some of the questions likely come, up' in the discussion.

H. E. extension -entomologist, who has prepared slides on- fruit- insect control, will- be charge of this part of the program. SEN FOILY LEAVES. for mm EEDSICE COLD 0 FOR TIEKP? FOR BENT Lare furnished front bed room, equipped xor iigrnt Central Ideation.

Inquire 861 Arch St. FOR RENT Six room apartment, second floor, heated. On the square in Sel-inagrrove. Inquire Chas. W.

Keller, Selinsgrove, Pa. i FOR RENT Splendid HQ acre farm; For further information apply to Harry R. Black, New Columbia, Pa. FOR RENT Single eight room houe on Front street. Granite stone sun parlor, electric refrigerator, automatic heat.

Reasonable rent for desirable tenant. Possession at once. Inquire at 144 N. Front street. FOB" RENT OR SALE A property at Hummel Wharf.

late of Peter J. Curley, Rolling Green and-No. 14 Bain-bridge Sunbury. Inquire of Geo: B. Reimensnyder, Exr.

Louisa H. Basaler Estate, Sunbury Trust ft Safe Deposit Co. -V- FOR RENT Property at No. 828 Chestnut street, Sunbury. Inquire of Geo.

B. Reimensnyder, Exr. Louisa H. Bassler Estate, Sunbury Trust Safe Deposit Bide. FOB RENT--One half of double brick house at 243 Walnut street.

Inquire Community -Discount 214 Market St. FOR RENT Two furnished apartments both with three rooms 'and bath. One garage. Also one apartment fire rooms and bath, unfurnished. Hardwood floors, automatic hot water heat.

Very desirable location. Inquire of R. E. Kester. 4." South Third street.

works for Sam in the S. E. Fisher Motors Company, garage, EastH bpruce street, as bookkeeper. Lee, tho 23, has chicken pox and got them bad, and the firemen are celebrating the occasion. Before leaving, they presented Lee with a pair of paniy-waists and the cutest little rattler.

Mrs. Lydia Herrold, 81 years, 3 months, and -6 days died in the home of her brother in law and sis ter. Mr. and Mrs. Adam Blazer, -of 315 East Walnut street, at 3:45 ociocJK yesterday afternoon from infirmities of old age.

Mrs. Herrold was born in Mount Pleasant Mills, a daughter of John Mengie and his wite, Leah Ickes ner. husband, Philip Herrold, pass ed away fourteen years aero. Three sisters survive, Mrs. Bar oara Meiser, of 'Middleburg; Mrs Mary Meiser, of Indiana: and Mrs, Adam Blazer, of Selinsgrove; three Drotners, lius 'Mengie, of Selinsgrove; Mike Mengie, of Mount Pleasant Miliar tH if the state of Kansas: four iromff- unuaren, mnareai iiUima, Ernest, 1 "1 .1 "Si I 1 1 J5? ana lviarnn anaiter.

of Selins grove and Port Trevorton. J) riends may view the bodv anv time alter nve o'clock tomorrow eveninsr at the Blazer residencft nn East Walnut street, on the Isle of wue. uneral services will- be held on Monday afternoon at two o'clock in the Blazer home. The Rev. H.

Snable, of Salem Lutheran Paris will officiate.1- Burial will be made Alme BEAVERTOWN CWA WORKER MAT LOSE SIGHT OF EKE A Chipping, stone caused a piece of tne stone to strike and enter the eye 01 itussei a. hnck- layer, of Beavertown, while at work on a CWA proiect at Beavertown. Hei, was taken to the Lewisburg iu angeiicat nospicai wnere little hope was held for saving the sight of the injured optic. However, the eye is i improving, and a small chance remains for saving, its sight. FRACTURES Ai LADDER RUNG BREAKS Charles Sjteininger, -Middleburg tinner and plumber is- recovering at his home, iollowinc a fall from his ladder while fixing a roof at noon Thursday.

Steimnger received first aid, at the Joseph L. Potter Middleburg, for a fracture of the left arm, near the -1 Steininger was repairing the roof at the home of Foster C. Reigle, when a rung broke in his ladder, and he to the ground. He is under the care of Dr. Jerome Herman, of Middlebure.

and is resting nicelyan his home. SIX 4-H CLUB MEMBERS HAVE PART IN FPSHKY "The Spirit of Club Work" was dramatized at the Pennsylvania State Farm Show in Harrisburg, with more than three hundred 4-H club members takine part, of which twenty-three were from the Snyder-Union' district, supervised by Miss Ella B. Reynolds, home economics worker. -t Club members from Snyder county, taking part were froni the McClure 4-H club and included Grace Ewing, Betty Beaver, Gayle Brininger, Joyce Schechterly, Ber-nice Wertz. and Beatrice Baker.

Miss" Reynolds took the leading role in the pageant. COMMERCIAL STUDENTS. ENTERTAIN. AT Hl-Y Students of the Selinsgrove hierh "school commercial department ren dered the program at the regular meeting of the Girls' Hi-Y club in the main school building Thurs day night. Miss Beatrice Brouse was in charge of the program and wrote a short playlet for the en tertainment.

Miss Brouse's clever play "Wanteds-, A Stenographer," was riicely; acted by Misses Arlene Aloyer, "Martha Dreese, Hetty Bo- ig, and Beatrice Brouse. A sales talk, of the high pres sure variety, was given by Misses Matty Fry and Evelyn Ludwig. Miss Sara Renninger favored with a charming piano solo. Another play, A Play in Oppo- MRS, HERRDLD PASSES AWAY in to CLASSIFIED RATES All charges based on advertire-ments containing SO word or less. On insertion 6O0 Two consecutive insertion 76e -Three consecutive insertions 91.00 Extra words -charged -at the rate ot 5e a each insertion.

Memorial -Notice 76c-an insertion Six words counted-as a line. Skip date 'insertions, charged at the one time rate for; each insertion. Cards of Thanks 75o an insertion Resolutions of- -Respect 10c si line LOOT CARD PARTY The Shamokin Dam Fire hold a 500 party Tuesday evening, Jan. 80 at 8 M. in the P.

O. S. of A. hall. Sixth First prize for men will be -service rend by the Shaffer's, barber shop.

LOST Gold watch charm with lodge emblems- on both sides, initials A. G. T. on edge of Liberal reward if returned to A. G.

Townend, 836 Ft. Augusta Sunbury, Pa. NOTICE MIDDLEBURG-SELINSGROVE AUTO BUS LINE Leaves Court House Square, Trolley Station, Selinsgrove. FIRST TRIP A. M.

Leave Middleburg 7 reamer 7 0 arrive Selinsgrove leaves -Selinsgrove 8:30. Kreamer 8:55, arrives Middleburg 9:15. 'SECOND TRIP P. M. Leave Middle-burg 1 1 :30.

arrive Selinsgrove leave Selinsgrove 2:00. Kreamer 2 :25 arrive Middleburg 2 :50. THIRD. TRIP P. M.

Leave Middle, burg 6:30, Kreamer 5:50. arrives Selinsgrove 6:1 8: leave Selinsgrove 6:30. Kreamer 6:45, arrives Middleburg 7:00. 5 cents per mile. Minimum charge 15c.

E. BOLENDER. BeUi Phone 61-Z Middleburg, Pa. Arrangements Can Be Made For Trips. remained conscious for three hours and realized he had had' an accident.

However, he lapsed into semi-consciousness again, and this is expected to continue for several weeks, regaining consciousness for a few hours each day. SURFACE TO SPEAK Dr. Harvey A. Surface, of University Heights and representative to the General Assembly, will speak Sunday evening at 7:30 o'clock in the First Methodist Episcopal church on "Higher Lessons from Dr. Surface has taught along these lines in Eastern professional schools and has done field work of this nature with Theological scholars.

His subject will be of great value and is certain to be in-, teresting. ATTEND HARRISBURG SHOW Snyder County Chrysler and Plymouth auto, dealers attended a meeting of the dealers in the Harrisburg district at the captial city Wednesday night. From this county, the following attended: Samuel 'E. Fisher, of S. E.

Fisher Motors. Selinsgrove: Ralph Fred ericks, of Selinsgrove: Leroy Kline and Paul 'Yoder, of Beaver Springs; Clarence "Wagner, of. Wagner and Ewinsr, McClure. They attended the luncheon in the Penn Harris Hotel. CHILDREN BAPTIZED The Rev.

Luther L. Lengel, of the Freeburg Lutheran parish. baptized Marian Madeline, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Russell Win ner, Of Mt.

Mills, and Raymond '-Dinitts, son of Mr. and Edward Neitz, of Selinsgrove. MATRONS GIVE TEA Past -Worthy Matrons-of LaFav- ette(chapter, Order of Eastern Star, gave a bridge party and tea in the F. Building, North Market St, from' two to five o'clock Friday afternoon. Members and their friends were guests.

Edwin Ditzler was in charge. TO. SAIL FOR SOUTH AMERICA Dr. and William Hoffmeis-ter, of Venzuela, South America; have gone to Baltimore, Maryland, after spending seevral days here with-Dr; HofFm'eister's JrQther in law and sister, Dr. and Mrs.

George R. Seidel, of West Mill street. Dr. and Mrs. Hoffmeister plan to sail for South America about February 10.

EXAMINED BY X-RAY David aeed 2 years. son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Shep hard, of Beavertown, was referred for -X-ray examinations to determine mastoids. The examination was made in the Dr.

Howard F. Straub offices. Selinserove. and later, a Selinsgrove specialist removed the mastoids in the Lewis burg Evangelical hospital. The boy is getting along nicely.

CONGRATULATIONS Frank Reichenbach, of West In dependence street, is observing his seventy-eighth birthday anniver sary today. 'Br'essler, of N. Eighth street, is celebrating his birthday today. Bill is a barber, and runs his shop on North Market street. COUNCIL MEETS Alumni Council of Susquehanna University "met at Selinsgrove to day at eleven-o'clock, marking the start of the third annual campaign.

TO STUDY IN CHICAGO George Bow'en, of South Third street, left fbr Chicago 111., where he will spend the next three: months in the Coyne Electrical" Shops, studying- short-wave radio and kindred subjecl3. 1 PLAN PARTY Ladies', Auxiliary of the Daunt less Hook and Ladder Company are olanninc a card nartv or WpH- nesday, January 31, to be held in company nome, on Jiiast Bridge1 and five hundred BIRTH RECORD Mr. and Mrs. H. P.

Brannon. of Lewistown, have announced the birth f- a daughter. Mrs. Bran- non was formerly Miss Elsie Has. singer, of Selinsgrove.

20 FIRST AID WORKERS Twontv mPii rastprdav. received certificates as first aid workers for th Montour County CWA at the completion of the course given this week under the direction of Paul Kostenbauder. These men will be distributed am ong the various projects to be of service in case of emergency. Lehigh Cashes In On 'Worthless' Gold Mine Stock Philadelphia. Jan.

27 (UP) It was a gold mine in more ways than one for Lehigh University. Some vears aero a block of British gold mine stock was left the college. Last year it was listed as a 1 asset. Rut durinc the vear crn A van miTiH at the mine and atnrv hrmicht in a dividend of $53,000. Lehigh, because of the unexpected income, finished the year without a deficit.

PLACED IN CO. --Vif hcimm Inans have 4 A .3 fnr hnmp owners o-nvpftiTYiPnt in Northum- berland county to date, with an ooo 'flmmint nf Ttearlv $3,000 each -r-nrivitf nnM.aAna ftfr home ldans by sorely 'pressed owners have not ffone throueh for various reasons. tViorn numerous liens against the properties, m- eluding taxes, so that with the sum owed on mortgage, tne total IS Weil in excess of the present value 01 the property Where the sum owed is within the actual value of the property, there has been no trouble. BanKs are cooperating by accepting home loan honds place ot tne mortgages against the properties. SNYBER COUNTY CWA PAYIEUiEJS Snyder county's CWA payroll this week totaled $3,209.25.

Thh amount was paid today to 345 men. BURNS TO DEATH Philadelphia', Jan. 27 (UP) Mrs. Anna McLaughlin burned to death when a backdraf from a fur nace in her home ignited her cloth ing. Efforts of Miss Marie Harkins tosave the woman's life were futile.

1 1- BULLETIN WALDORF TOILET TISSUE big roll SOAP 16-oz bar 3C 3' French's Cr. Salad Mustard jar 10c Qt jar Apple Butter Sport Ketchup 14-oz bot 10c Tiger Corn Starch 6y2c Tiger Laundry Starch. 5c 10 cakes Soap 25c 6 cakes Ivory Soap Ammonia bot 9c Large box Matches 3c Qt jar Queen Olives Qt jar Sweet Pickles 8-ozjar N. D. Mayonnaise 9c Pure Egg Noodles 1 -lb pkg 10c Lg can Sliced Del Monte Pineapples Lg can D.

M. Peaches 14c Campbell's Tomato Soup can 6c Our fancy pack Tomatoes are in great demand 2 regu- lar size cans Cut: String Beans 7c Soup Beans 3c Large. can Libby's Sauer Kraut 10c 1 lb Santone Coffee and small can Milk 23c Present This Adv. and Receive FREE 1 Spool Silk Thread Large can Phillips Kidney Beans 5c DEPARTMENT money we will -see you Monday. 30 HOME LOANS Ic 1 I i KHATZERVILLE A UG STALLS Mrs.

Arthur S. Jjilger. iaay-assistant steward of Pennscreek grange, Selinsgrove. Her two children, Marv Bileer and Marion isilger, served as regalia and emblem hear ers. respectively.

The full list of officers installed is Master. Rov P. Benfer: overseer, Clair Herman; lecturer, Mrs. Henry Kline steward, Austin Beaver; assistant steward, John Knouse chaplain, Mary Yearick; Henry Kline; secretary, Harfy Benfer; gatekeeper, Guy Kline; Ceres. Mrs.

Irma; Benfer; Pomona, Clair Herman; Flora, Bear trice Krouse; lady assistant ste ward, Bertha Jttailey. Thursday's meeting was fine in ovow rpsnftc.t. with, a fine turn out of members, fifty attending. All officers wree present. After the meeting, refreshments were served.

GBUNTY CWA iVORKERS GET. FIRST AID COURSE Fifteen CWA workers from every I section of the county are taught the principles and practice of First Aid. This is part of the national program, to reduce accidents, pre vent minor injuries resulting from complications, and to insure proper care for injured until medical at tention is on hand. D. J.

Zimmerman, safety mstruc tor for the Pennsylvania Power and Light Company, is charge, assist ed by Miss Josephine Brunner, 01 Paxtonville. Classes are held daily for three hours. A test will com plete the Those enrolled are: 1-T Vk ftTY TT1 ii Ki uooo. jseavertown: vnar- Ies E. Greiner, JNorthumberiand, p.

Harry S. Selinsgrove; Koy Maries, Selmsgrove: HJimer Me Afee, Paxtonville; Rudolph Moyer, Middleburg; John D. Narehood, Beavertown; Clark A. R. Pearson, Middleburg; Harry H.

Renninger, Penns Creek; Ralph A. Rousn, Mid clleourg; Uilbfert Stahl, Freeburg; James Spangler, Beaver Springs; sialics oeiinagiuvej,.iyj.cwure; bin ivy uiuiiu uiut, iaiu. Personal Mention Mrs. D. Edwin Ditzler.

of West Pine street, attended a dinner of the Past Worthy Matrons of the Order of Eastern Star, in Milton. Mrs. R. Bruce Albert, of Blooms- burg, is visiting at the home of the Rev. and Mrs.

Dallas C. Bear, of West Walnut street; Miss Helen Potteiger. a senior at Stroudsburg State Teachers' Col lege, spent several days with her parents, Dr. and Mrs. Albert R.

Potteiger, of West Chestnut street. Miss Gertrude Fisher, teacher at Rome High School, visited with her parents, Dr and Mrs. George E. Fisher, of West Pine street. Seller Phillips and Albert D.

Sei- Ier of Mount and Miss Marjor. ie Phillips, of. Harrisburg, spent several days with relatives here. Mr. and Mrs; Ernest Rowe.

of Sunbury. visited with Mr. Rowe's grandmother, Mrs. Fred, of West Independence street. Mrs.

William S. Ulrich, of Down ingtown, visited her mother, Mrs. Henry L. Phillips, of North Market street, and her son, Dr. Henry of Middleburg, Miss Agnes Sean Schoch, of South Market street, attended the thirtieth annual convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Harrisburg there Wednesday.

MOVE Mr. and Mrs. Roland E. Fisher, of West Pine street, have removed to South High street the A. Hiram Seigfried house, Mr.

Fisher is city mail carrier for the Selmsgrove post omce. TEACHER ILL Miss Estelle Moyer. librarian and teacher in the Selinstrrove public schools, is somewhat improved dt the home of Professor and Mrs, Ed-r win M. Brungart, of West Walnut street. She has been suffering since Monday with' a severe srrippe at tack.

Her classes were met by Miss Ruth Plummer, of North Market street, benior student at Susque hanna University. NEW OFFICERS Recently elected officers' named by members of Monroe Granere in clude Jay Young, master; Miles Carl, overseer; Raymond R. Bailey, lecturer; John Long, steward; Frank Hane, assistant steward; Howard Ritter, chaplain; William Ritter, treasurer: A. B. Hane.

sec retary; George Hummel, gatekeeper; Ruth Long, ceres; Miriam pomona; Mrs. Frank Hane, lady assistant STANLEY. THEATRE "Cotton" Warburton -and Rosie Rosenberg, University of. Southern California football players, "are two of the wild boys seen in the First National picture; "Wild Boys of the which comes to the- Stanley theatre today. It being vacation time when the picture was in pro duction, they, applied for jobs and were given bit parts in the picture in which Frankie Darro, Dorothy Coonan, Edwin Phillips and.

Ann Harvey head the cast. AXE CUTS BOY George Dreese. son of Mr. and Mrs. i Palmer Dreese, of Franklin gashed his leg with an axe while cutting wood.

Several stitches were required to close the gaping -wound. 1 a Mary Gargie; assistant Mary "Smith; vice president, Lottie Hummel; assistant-vice- Mary conductor, Of a 'Hottenstein; "assist ant conductor, Rhoadsj BPntinel -Marv Musser: guard, Eler ftnor Wendt: 1 treasurer. Marian Wendt: financial secretary, Minnie Ilitter; recording secretary, Char- T-r 1 HiTMM. ICtte iiummeij- janitress, xuaxj Mnsser: chaplain. Mae Boust: ora- f-or.

Eva Lawrence: trustee for eighteen months, Maude Rhoads; iiast president. Thelma Bordner fissistant past president, Eva Mus-er. After the meeting, refreshments were served. Mrs. Coldren was unable to stay for the social hour, be cause of the illness of her nusoana.

FOUR DEMONSTRATIONS 111 PRUNING KEAT WEEK County, agent Ira L. Yoder, of Middleburg, announces lour orchard pruning demonstrations will be held next Tuesday and Wednesday. J. L. McCartney, Pennsylvania "State College fruit specialist, will be charge.

The following demonstrations, have been planned: 1. S. Hayes Jarrett, Northum R. D. 2, Monroe township, farm on Tuesday forenoon, January 30, at 8:30 a.

peach, 2. Harold" Hassinger orchard, south of Beavertown, Tuesday afternoon, January 30, at 2 p. peach and apple 3. John T. Mitter ling orchard on ridge, west of Mt.

Pleasant Mills, Wednesday forenoon, ,9:80 o'clock, January peach and apple pruning. T. A. Trexler orchards, Shamokin Dam, Wednesday afternoon, January 31, at 2 o'clock, apple tree pruning. 0 3 IN THE CHURCHES "If I shall stop "one heart from breaking.

I shall not live vain: If I can ease one life the aching, Or cool one pain, Or help one fainting robin Unto his nest again; shall not live vain. Emily Dickinson. 1 First Methodist Episcopal The C. Gail Norf is, Church school 9:30 a. William F.

Groce, superintendent. Worship service 10:30 a. sermon by the pastor. Epworth League 6:30 p. m.

Worship service" 7:30 p. m.i-Dr. Harvey A. Surface will on "Higher, Lessons from Nature." Wednesday 7:30 p. mid-week service; "The Christian Way" 01 Meeting Suffering," in the Gospels, Chap.

in Dr. Stanley Jones' book. .1 Trinity. Lutheran The Rev. Dallas C.

Bear pastor, Sunday school 9:30 a. m. Divine worship 10:30 a. sermon, f'The First Commandment." Vespers sermon, "Jesus Among His JFnends in First Lutheran The Rev. Dr.

Walter C. Beck, pas tor. Church school 9:15 a. m. Morning worship 10:30 0 clock; evening service 7 o'clock.

St. Paul's Reformed The Rev. Earl Kline, pastor. Sunday school' 9:15 a. m.

Morn ing worship 10:30 o'clock; 'theme, "The Christian Way of Facing Suf fering and Pain." Evening worship seven o'clock; theme, "More to be Desired Than Gold." The Susque hanna Valley Men's Chorus will sing at the evening service, it being their first public appearance. A liberal offering will be 'asked for, wheih will be divided between the congregation and the chorus. First Evangelical The Rev. H. A.

Snook, pastor. Sunday school 9:30 a. m. Anni versary service 10:30 a. when Dr.

'George F. Dunkelberger, dean I TT "11 1 01 ousquenanna wm the guest speaker. Anniversary will be continued at the evening service. 7:30 o'clock, when the Men's Chorus of Winfield will sing, All Saints' Episcopal "The Church with the open hearth" The Rfev. George H.

Toadvine, rector. 1 Septuagesima Sunday. Sunday school 10 a. m. Morning prayer and sermon 11 a.

m. TWO LONG BUSTS BRING PITY WAIST AND BATTLER Members of the Dauntless Hook and Ladder Company said that one of their members, Lee Fisher, 23, nf South Market street, "has caick- en pox with all the other kids." Glimpse the worn "otner. Without slightest warning to Lee nr anv other citizens, two long alarm blasts were blown, and with hurry and scurry the trucks rushed down South Market street; In front of the home of Samuel hi. Fisher, the screaming sirens halt ed. But no firemen drew ladder nor hose, but there was a polite knock On the door, and the firemen wished to call on Sam's brother, Lee, who TO THE GENTLEMAN WHO STOLE MY SPARE, TIRE: LF YOU NEED IT MORE THAN I DO, KEEP IT; IF YOU DON'T, i THEN PLEASE RETURN IT.

1924 Model Ford Coupe, 330 North Water Street, Selinsgrove, Pa. NOTICE MONDAY SPECIALS AT EISENHAUER'S 18-620 MARKET ST. JANUARY 29TH WE WILL FEATURE ANOTHER SPLENDID SALE Ic -MIL BARGAIN PHILLIPS' PORK AND BEANS tall can OCTAGON WASHING POWDER 3-5c boxes 3C Save 12c on this buy! Swansdown Cake Flour 23c Crispy Soda Crackers 2-lb box 19 'ic Lg Mackerel, 12 to 14-oz ave 10c 5 lbs- Gran. Sugar Sunnydale Butter 23c JSpredit Oleo 2 lbs 23c r2 lbs Oyster Crackers 23c 12 lbs Pastry Flour 33c 2-3 oz jugs Vanilla Blue Ribbon Raisins pkg5'2c 3 lbs Calif. Prunes 2 lbs Cream Cheese 29c M.

Baking Chocolate J2 lb 8c 3 lbs Cocoa 23c 2 cans Phillips' Veg. Soup. 2-lb jar Peanut Butter. Black Pepper 10c can 5c 10c bag Salt 8c 5-lb bag Corn Meal 17c Qt can Turkey Syrup 13c 19-ozcan Baking Molasses 3 boxes Post Bran 25c 6 loaves Bread 25c Mother's Oats 6c 1 lb CAMEO FREE WITH YOUR RELIEF ORDER 2 lbs Brown Sugar 9c Lg can Phillips' Spaghetti 5c FISH AND FRUIT If you want the best for the least nig crowas win again take Nice large Potatoes peck 25c bushel $1.00 Crisp Celery stalk 5c 9 Sweet juicy Oranges First 100 customers will each the route. In -every instance the thefts were committed under cover of night, Several times, goods which had -ebeen thrown from trains could not be found when the trio returned along the route to collect their wag -and railroad employes recovered the abandoned goods.

The heavy losses from shipments in transit had caused railroad officials no end of. annoyance, resulting in the payment of large advantage ot these bargains! MEAT DEPARTMENT Besides saving money, it is a pleasure to purchase all your food receive 1 Cocoanut for 4c Tangerines doz9c Iceberg Lettuce head 5c Pint Oysters and pint Fresh Milk FREE courteous clerks. Pork Shoulders lb IO'jc Pork Chop's Pork Liver 2 lbs Pure Lard Tripe lb 10c Lebanon Bologna, piece lb 14c had worked for months in an ef fort to round up the guilty persons; Their work was so sporadic, however, and so cleverly executed, that they escaped detection. Yearick's car was sometimes used in making the "collection" Yearick said, 'and at other- times he used his own machine to drive his companions along the railroad route to gather jn the loot. DANIEL G.

SEILER ILL Daniel G. Seller, retired Shamokin merchant and well known in Sunbury. is confined to his home following a sudden serious illness. His condition; today, however, was reported to be improving. wants trom our Fresh Hamburg with Onions ground in it 2 lbs 15c Boiling Beef lb4'jc Beef Liver Beef Hearts Bacon Spiced Ham 7e 5c lb 9c 21c J.

Irvin Coldren, of West Chetniit street; arid two daughters. Miss Medora and Miss Elizabeth Coldren both of Phila-delpKialef this morning--: for the bedside of her. husband and their father Irvin fwho, Te-mains tna Bath, New'York, hospi-tal. Miss Bessie. of, South High stret, accompanied the "family.

Mr; Cbldf en's cdndition was somewhat improved yesterday; He 4' 11.

The Daily Item from Sunbury, Pennsylvania (2024)
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