Escape From Tarkov Controls Guide: Hotkeys And Keybindings (2024)

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Advanced movement and combat controls, plus essential inventory shortcuts for Escape From Tarkov.

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One thing that sets Escape From Tarkov apart from other multiplayer shooters is how deep its various systems go. From combat and gear to movement and inventory management, every element not only has multiple moving parts to understand, but also requires a fair bit of work on the player's part to properly control. Unless you're used to more realistic military sims, Escape From Tarkov's barrier to entry is a bit higher than your average shooter. If you really want to be on top of your game, you're going to have to learn a lot of hotkeys.

Below, you'll find a handy list of some of the most important and commonly used hotkeys in Escape From Tarkov, as well as a rundown of the basic controls--the action, the primary key binding, and the press type (if it's something other than pressing or releasing a button) listed below are all the current default from Escape From Tarkov's settings. We've changed the wording for "press type" or "input type" to be a bit more basic than what the game's official settings specify--"continuous" is now "hold down," for instance, meaning it's a key you need to hold down rather than just press once. We've also added a few hotkeys that were unlisted and bolded some particularly handy ones to memorize, which we'll go over individually.

Table of Contents [hide]

  • Basic Movement and Controls
  • Advanced Movement and Controls
  • Basic Combat and Equipment Controls
  • Advanced Combat and Equipment Controls
  • Inventory Management and Looting Controls
  • Other Controls

Note that the distinction between a "basic" and "advanced" control in this guide is entirely for organizational purposes--Escape From Tarkov's game settings don't distinguish its inputs this way, this is just to make things clearer for new players. What's "advanced" for one player might be considered "basic" for another--it all depends on how new you are to the kind of hardcore, genre-bending shooter Tarkov strives to be. In any case, we hope this guide will help you learn the finer nuances of Tarkov's movement, how to properly wield your weapons and take advantage of their customizability, and how to quickly cycle through your inventory when exploring and looting in the dangerous Russian city of Tarkov.

If you're interested in picking up the game, check out our Escape From Tarkov preorder guide for a quick breakdown on where to buy and the differences between its four editions. Escape From Tarkov is not on Steam and remains in early access, but its frequent updates, such as the latest patch, 12.9, consistently add new content and the occasional progress wipe to keep the game fresh for its thriving community.

Note: Escape From Tarkov is still in development, so many of the default hotkeys and keybindings are subject to change as its systems get updated. We will try to keep this guide as up-to-date as possible, but if you see something is missing or inaccurate, feel free to let us know in the comments!

Basic Movement and Controls

CommandKeyInput Type
Move forwardW--
Move leftA--
Move backwardS--
Move rightD--
Lean leftQHold down
Lean rightEHold down
WalkCaps LockPress to toggle
SprintLeft ShiftPress to toggle
CrouchCPress to toggle
ProneXPress to toggle
Open inventoryTab--
NextMouse Scroll+--
PreviousMouse Scroll---
Check timeO--
Check time and exitsODouble tap
Open mumble dropdownYDouble tap
Mumble presetF1-F12--

Movement in Escape From Tarkov is bound to the WASD keys by default, and the ability to jump, crouch, and go prone are pretty straightforward too. There are more advanced movement options to be aware of that we'll list out under Advanced Movement, but the major takeaway from this section should be some of the basic interaction inputs, notably hitting F to grab items, loot bodies and containers, and open and close doors.

But another big one not to overlook is double-tapping "O" to check time and exits. Every raid you enter comes with a time limit and a set of potential exit points, and you should be tracking both while you're out looting. Hitting "O" twice pulls up that information in the top right corner.

Advanced Movement and Controls

CommandKeyInput Type
Free lookMiddle Mouse ButtonHold down
Smooth lean leftLeft Alt + A--
Smooth lean rightLeft Alt + D--
Sidestep leftLeft Alt + Q--
Sidestep rightLeft Alt + E--
Next walk poseC + Mouse Scroll+--
Previous walk poseC + Mouse Scroll---

As you can see, Escape From Tarkov features both basic lean and crouch options as well as more advanced, incremental variations. Unlike leaning using Q and E, "smooth" lean lets you only lean out a little bit at a time. You also don't need to hold Alt down unless you're adjusting your lean position, so you can stay leaned the degree you want while behind a corner and have your keyboard hand free. You can use the standard Q or E lean to stand back upright. You can also cycle between "walk poses," which are just different degrees of crouching that you can adjust to adapt to the height of whatever cover you're behind. Hitting C automatically takes you to the lowest crouch level and hitting C again makes you stand up. To exercise more caution, you can use walk poses to rise and lower yourself more deliberately.

Free look is another important one. If you recall from the basic controls section, there are three movement speeds in Escape From Tarkov: the default walking speed, the slower walking speed you can toggle with Caps Lock, and sprinting, which you can toggle with Shift. You can't sprint while strafing, so your field of view is limited to what's in front of you--but by holding down the middle mouse button while moving, you can freely look around. Currently, your free look range is still pretty narrow, but it does allow you to quickly glimpse blind spots while in a hurry. You can even use free look while scoped in so you're not completely unaware of short-range threats while sniping.

Speaking of movement speed, here's a general tip that anyone playing a first-person shooter on PC should know: if your mouse allows it, adjust the sensitivity. The Tarkov controls menu also has two built-in mouse sensitivity sliders, which let you customize both general mouse sensitivity and mouse aiming sensitivity to your preference. You'll be more accurate and better equipped to deal with threats when your mouse movement speed suits both you and the game. (You can also invert both the Y and X axis.)

Basic Combat and Equipment Controls

CommandKeyInput Type
Shoot/FireLeft Mouse Button--
Aim down sightsRight Mouse ButtonPress to toggle
Reload weaponR--
Quick reloadRDouble tap
Next magazineR + Mouse Scroll+--
Previous magazineR + Mouse Scroll---
Throw grenadeG--
Equip melee weaponV--
Quick draw melee weaponVDouble tap
Hold breath to steady aimLeft AltPress to toggle
Drop backpackZDouble tap

Escape From Tarkov strives for a bit more realism with its guns than most games do. You have the standard right-click to aim, left-click to shoot, and R to reload, but there's way more to it than that.

Reload vs. quick reload

One major thing to note from this section is the difference between a reload and a quick reload. Just hitting R for a standard reload in Escape From Tarkov will remove the current magazine in your firearm, place it in an open slot in your inventory, and replace it with the next magazine in your inventory. (You can even select which magazine to load in from your inventory by holding R and scrolling with the mouse wheel.) A quick reload, as the name suggests, saves some time by having your character throw the current magazine onto the ground before loading in a new one. You won't get far in Escape From Tarkov being too trigger-happy or constantly reloading after every shot, which most FPS games let you get away with, but quick reloads can be appropriate in an emergency. You just have to remember to pick up your dropped magazine later.

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Remember that reloading is more realistic in Escape From Tarkov, unlike more casual shooters--you're not reloading bullets into a magazine by tapping R, you're actually replacing the entire magazine. So if your current magazine had a few rounds left, it'll go into your inventory with that same amount of rounds, and if you reload with it next time, you won't have a full magazine. (You can manually load rounds into magazines from the inventory.) To complicate things further, reload times vary depending on what gun you're using and whether or not it already has a round in the chamber.

Dropping your backpack

One of the most important hotkeys to remember, and also one of the newest additions, is how to drop your backpack. Dropping your backpack might seem like a weird hotkey, but it's an advanced combat maneuver that you'll often see high level players doing. All players in Tarkov have a weight limit, and the more you exceed it by picking up new loot, the faster your stamina will drain, which affects your walk and run speeds, which increases the likelihood you'll be debuffed with the Fatigue status effect. Every second matters when you're in the middle of a firefight, so being able to quickly drop your backpack can give you an edge in combat--you'll be able to move between cover faster and you won't have a big, bulky thing on your back giving you away to perceptive opponents. Just remember to pick up your backpack once the fight is over!

Melee combat

Pressing V will equip your melee weapon (you'll start out with a knife), but double-tapping V will do something the in-game settings call "Draw Knife," but what I'll call a "quick draw" instead. Quick drawing your knife will holster your currently equipped weapon, draw your knife out and do a quick stab, then sheath your knife and pull out your previous weapon, all just by double-tapping V.

Steadying your aim

Finally, holding your breath with Left Alt while aiming down sights will steady your firearm's aim. This used to be bound to the Shift key, but was changed. Many players end up remapping this one to avoid interfering with other commands involving the Alt key, and setting its input type to "hold" instead of "toggle." We recommend playing around with different settings and keybindings in offline mode and seeing what works for you.

Advanced Combat and Equipment Controls

CommandKeyInput Type
Activate night vision goggles/Lower face shieldNPress to toggle
Activate tactical device (flashlight, laser, etc.)TPress to toggle
Switch tactical device modeLeft Ctrl + T--
Switch scopesLeft Ctrl + Right Mouse Button--
Change scope magnificationLeft Alt + Right Mouse Button--
Check ammoLeft Alt + T--
Change fire modeB--
Check fire modeLeft Alt + B--
Check chamberLeft Shift + T--
Examine weaponL--
Fold stockLeft Alt + L--
Overhead blind fireLeft Alt + W--
Right side blind fireLeft Alt + S--
Scope elevation upPage Up--
Scope elevation downPage Down--
Equip weapon on the back3--
Equip weapon on the sling2--
Equip secondary weapon1--

Here, you get into the real nitty-gritty of Escape From Tarkov's firearm mechanics. Most of it is pretty straightforward: inputs for switching scopes and cycling through reticles once you get more advanced modifications for your guns, using the number keys to cycle through weapons, and so on. Changing your fire mode between single (the default starting mode), burst, and full-auto with the B key is an important one, but the other ones worth explaining from this section include how to toggle your "tactical device," check ammo, and blind fire.

Tactical devices in Escape From Tarkov can be toggled with T, and it's important to note these include flashlights and lasers. So if you have the right mod equipped and you're wondering how to turn on your flashlight, it's T. Many serious Escape From Tarkov streamers like Shroud have rebound this command (as well as the input for changing scope magnification) to Mouse Button 3, 4, or 5 for easier access.

Checking ammo with Left Alt + T can be vital, since Escape From Tarkov's HUD doesn't track how much ammo you have left--even when you use this input to check ammo, it won't give you an exact number. Finally, you can blindfire from behind cover using Left Alt + W for overhead firing or Left Alt + S for right-side firing around corners, combined with your primary input for firing your weapon. Left Alt + W and Left Alt + S only position your firearm for blindfire--they don't actually fire your weapon for you. At the moment, it does not seem Escape From Tarkov has the option to switch firing positions between right and left shoulders.

Inventory Management and Looting Controls

CommandKeyInput Type
ExamineMiddle Mouse Button--
Quick transferCtrl + Left Mouse Button--
Quick equipAlt + Left Mouse Button--
Split stackCtrl + Left Mouse ButtonClick and drag
Rotate itemR--
Equip weapon on the back3--
Equip weapon on the sling2--
Equip secondary weapon1--
Slot 44--
Slot 55--
Slot 66--
Slot 77--
Slot 88--
Slot 99--
Slot 00--

Nothing is bolded here because it pretty much all needs explaining. A major part of Escape From Tarkov is looting and inventory management, so you'll be spending a lot of time looking at your inventory and your stash, but if you're in a raid it's important to minimize that time so you're not vulnerable. To quickly grab an item from a looted container and transfer it to your inventory, just hit Ctrl + Left MB. This works when transferring items between your inventory and your stash too.

To quickly equip something in your stash or from a container, you can use Alt + Left MB. You can click and drag items around with the left mouse button to place them in specific slots. Pressing R while dragging an item rotates it so you can use the space you have more efficiently. To split a grouped item like a stack of ammo, hold Ctrl and click and drag the item you want to separate to a new cell. A box will pop up where you can designate the number of items you want to place in the new stack. If you have unknown, greyed-out items in a container, your inventory, your stash, or even a trader's inventory, you can quickly examine and reveal those items by clicking on them with the middle mouse button. Finally, you can hover over an item you don't want and press delete to discard.

Binding quick-use items

The numbered slots are important hotkeys to remember because they let you equip quick-use items like first aid, bandages, painkillers, food, drinks, and grenades. You can assign these slots either in your stash pre-raid or on the fly mid-raid by hovering over the item you want to bind with your cursor and hitting the numbered key you want to bind it to. Most players bind healing items to these slots so you can quickly apply first aid or stop bleeding with the push of a button in the middle of a firefight instead of manually opening your inventory. You can bind items you bring with you into raids or items you've looted, but no matter what, if you want to bind an item, it must be stored in your pockets or your tactical vest--you cannot bind an item that is stored in your backpack or your secure container.

Other Controls

CommandKeyInput Type
Take a screenshotPrtScn--
Toggle iconsI--
Open menuESC--

As stated above, these are just the default key bindings for Escape From Tarkov's controls and we recommend testing things out and seeing what works for you. Like most games, you can reset the primary key for each command and set a secondary input on top of it. You can even change the press type for even more customization.

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Did we miss something? Escape From Tarkov is still in development, so things are always being updated and changed. Plus, the community is awesome at finding out new tricks and techniques. Feel free to leave a comment below if we left something important out or if a piece of information is outdated.

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