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Archived Versions « Sonic Robo Blast 2 – Official Website (1)This is an archive of past SRB2 versions. The files provided here are for personal amusem*nt and nostalgia, so don’t ask for help getting them working. If you have the original installer or a working installation to a version listed as missing, we’d love to hear from you.Sonic Robo Blast v1.3f (9.0 MB)
February 1998The crappy original! This started it all. Can you believe it? We sure can’t. While this game is pretty unplayable without cheating for extra lives, there’s a cheat menu if you click the upper right corner of the title screen. Passwords:

tezdiesca – Start at Lake Zone (Zone 3)
nokenulak – Start at Volcano Zone (Zone 5)
susonoir – Start at Sky Lab Zone (Zone 7)
chevalson – Start at Robotopolis Zone (Zone 9)
droodaher – Start at Space Chase Zone (Zone 11)
cashrida – Start at Lift Zone (Zone 13)
iamhard – Start at Super Levels
iamsonic – Start at Hyper Levels
whatda?? – Outtakes
sonikku – Anime Sound Clips
waypast – SatAM Sound Clips
hitmehard – Sonic Pong
flatonneh – Beta Ending Screen

Sonic Robo Blast 2 TGFi (1.1 MB)
April 1998SRB2 made in The Games Factory. While hilarious in retrospect, it was quite impressive for its time.SRB1 Christmas (2.4 MB)
December 1998A Christmas game using SRB2 TGF, since we knew it was going to be scrapped.SRB2 Halloween v1.32 (1.2 MB)
October 1999This was SRB2’s first release, based on Doom Legacy v1.28, updated to Windows and including an extra level. This is essentially a proof of concept release, as programming had only begun in August 1999. A lot of the features back then still retained their Doom origins; at this stage, Sonic was the only playable character and could do little more than collect rings and jump.SRB2 Christmas v0.90 *MISSING!*
December 1999
SRB2 Christmas v0.92 (1.8 MB)
January 2000
NOTE: DOS/Windows 9x ONLY

SRB2 Christmas v0.93 (1.9 MB)
March 2000
NOTE: DOS/Windows 9x ONLY

SRB2 Christmas v0.94 (2.1 MB)
April 2000
NOTE: DOS/Windows 9x ONLY

SRB2 Christmas v0.96 (3.3 MB)
September 2000

The Christmas series of releases expand upon the proof of concept, providing actual level design and more Sonic-like gameplay. The initial release, v0.90, was incredibly buggy and crashed constantly. As the releases went on they became more stable and added new features, such as the thok, monitors, Tails and his flight, and the Sonic 2 styled HUD. v0.96 included lots of new level content and was originally given to contest winners in September 2000 as a special edition CD, but it was released approximately one year later to the public and has been updated to a Windows version.Demo 1 (1.8 MB)
November 2000With people knocking down our proverbial doors wanting something new, this demo was released as a preview to Demo 2. Demo 1 only contained an incomplete version of Greenflower Zone, Act 1 as Sonic, but the engine was much more stable at this point and had been ported to Doom Legacy v1.30.Demo 2 (3.0 MB)
March 2001Demo 2 was the first proper release, providing four full playable acts, all 3 acts of Greenflower Zone and Techno Hill Zone, Act 1. It included a new title screen and new menu graphics that were used for many years, along with complete sprites for Sonic and Tails. Knuckles was also added to the game, but without sprites, and could glide but not climb. Demo 2 also introduced the concept of match play with Meadow Match Zone as an external WAD file.Demo 3 (3.3 MB)
June 2001Demo 3 was a refinement of Demo 2, introducing multiplayer gametypes (match, race, and tag) to the game. Five match stages were added to the game to support the new modes. Techno Hill Zone Act 1 was also updated, fixing the extremely difficult ending and making the slime painful.Demo 4.0 (4.3 MB)
Demo 4.1 (4.3 MB)
December 2001
Demo 4.1 to 4.32 patch (1.3 MB)
Demo 4.35 (4.7 MB)
April 2002Demo 4, quickly patched to 4.1, introduced ring collection special stages and all three acts of the original version of Castle Eggman Zone as a secret zone unlocked by collecting all the emeralds. The special stages simply required the player to grab a certain amount of rings within a time limit. It also introduced the capture the flag multiplayer gametype and secrets based on the system clock. Knuckles’s climbing and Super Sonic were also implemented, although neither had proper sprites yet. In 4.1, a placeholder Knuckles sprite set was introduced to replace the mishmash of other character sprites he had been using before.

Demo 4.32, quickly patched to 4.35, was an update of Demo 4 that ported the game from Doom Legacy 1.30 to 1.32, fixing a lot of bugs in the game. It also introduced the character select screen and replaced the excessively difficult special stages with more reasonable ones.

SRB2 Tournament 2003 (16.4 MB)
March 2003SRB2 Tournament 2003 was a multiplayer-only public beta release designed to test the then-new timer-based match weapon system and the ill-fated chaos multiplayer gametype. There are also many of the engine improvements from Final Demo already in place, such as the initial version of level headers, allowing the multiplayer levels to have names for the first time. The demo’s name is a reference to the then-current Unreal Tournament 2003, a popular multiplayer shooter at the time.Final Demo 1.01 (32.5 MB)
June 2003
Final Demo 1.04 (31.6 MB)
September 2003Final Demo 1.01, later patched to 1.04, introduced acts 2 and 3 of Techno Hill Zone and made Castle Eggman Zone a proper stage instead of a secret, expanding the total number of acts in the game to nine. Many of the extra modes in the game were introduced as secrets here, such as Spring Hill as a NiGHTS mode demonstration and Mario Koopa Blast as a 2D mode demonstration. Also introduced was the finalized level header system, allowing modders to name maps and set various things like sky and music, heralding the start of serious modding of SRB2.Final Demo 1.08 (47.8 MB)
January 2004Final Demo 1.08 was another patch to the Final Demo cycle, but is notable for clearing up a lot of the patching issues earlier Final Demo versions had as well as finally displaying a version number related to the demo title. It also removed the multithok, restricting Sonic to only using the thok once per jump.Final Demo 1.09 (68.1 MB)
September 2005
Final Demo 1.09.2 (65.6 MB)
January 2006

Final Demo 1.09.4 (67.3 MB)
August 2006

Final Demo 1.09, later patched to 1.09.2 and 1.09.4, was the final patch cycle of the perpetually badly-named Final Demo release cycle. 1.09 removed Knuckles’s ability to glide multiple times per jump, as well as finally removing the ill-fated chaos multiplayer mode. Super Sonic finally got proper sprites in this release, as well. An extremely large number of modding features were added in this cycle, leading to a flourishing modding scene for 1.09.4.IRC Match Beta (24.8 MB)
February 2008Before the release of 2.0, there was a small private test of the match multiplayer mode released to the #srb2fun IRC channel. This beta included the new match and capture the flag weapon systems, but was intentionally locked from being able to load WAD files, restricting its usefulness for anything but testing multiplayer.Version 2.0 (79.9 MB)
v2.0 to v2.0.4 Patch (628 KB)
July 2009
Version 2.0.6 (81.7 MB)
May 2010
v2.0.6 to v2.0.7 Patch (1.0 MB)
September 2013Version 2.0 was a complete restructuring of the game, including a dramatically expanded single player campaign, introducing nine new stages along with seven old ones. The multiplayer gametypes of match and capture the flag were completely revamped with a new weapon system among several other system changes and features. So much changed in this update that it would be easier to detail the things that didn’t change over what did.Version 2.1.25 x64 (87.7 MB)
August 2019
Version 2.1.25 (87.8 MB)
August 20192.1 was the longest-running series of SRB2 versions, and the second most patched version. The version lasted 5 years, and saw a huge increase in interest in the game and quality of modding. Many features in the current game, like slopes and NiGHTS special stages were introduced into the game during the 2.1 patch cycle.01) Title Theme
02) Introduction
03) Green Flower
04) Techno Hill
05) Deep Sea
06) Mine Maze
07) Rocky Mountain
08) Red Volcano
09) Dark City
10) Doomship
11) Robotnirock (EggRock)
12) Boss Theme
13) Final Boss Theme
14) Bonus TrackArchived Versions « Sonic Robo Blast 2 – Official Website (2)

The ORIGINAL Sonic Robo Blast 2: Official Soundtrack!

Yes, this thing is ancient (2000, if I remember right). Pretty bad quality, but contains a few themes that sound different.

SRB2 Net Launcher
An old launcher for the game. Please be aware that this launcher is quite old and may contain bugs. We are no longer updating this launcher.

Archived Versions «  Sonic Robo Blast 2 – Official Website (2024)
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