3 best Minecraft Demon Slayer servers (2024)

Minecraft Demon Slayer servers are inspired by the hugely popular anime/manga series of the same name. In these servers, gamers are able to follow the lore of the Demon Slayer manga and begin their own journey to become a demon slayer themselves within the world of Minecraft.

While there aren't many Demon Slayer servers that exist at the time of writing, the few options that do exist are incredibly fun. They should definitely be checked out by any Minecraft fan who has also enjoyed the Demon Slayer manga/anime series.

Top 3 Minecraft Demon Slayer servers that players should check out

3) Purple Prison

IP Address: purpleprison.net

While not strictly a Demon Slayer-themed server, Purple Prison hosts a variety of regular events with themes from pop culture, such as Demon Slayer, Squid Game, Among Us, and much more.

The Demon Slayer events that run throughout this server are pretty fun and are definitely worth trying. There's custom content such as different swords to collect (including the mysterious rare sun sword) and different types of demons to slay, as seen in the anime/manga series.

Server Address: purpleprison.net

2) MC Oasis

IP Address: play.mc-oasis.com

MC Oasis is a great place to play Demon Slayer (Image via MC Oasis)

Up next is MC Oasis, another server with a few different game modes, including both Minecraft Pixelmon and of course, Demon Slayer. More specifically, this server is a Demon Slayer SMP server, meaning that players are tasked with surviving in a multiplayer environment with many unique features from the Demon Slayer anime/manga added to the game.

Perhaps the coolest feature of this server is the fact that absolutely no mods are required to join it. This is pretty revolutionary given the fact that many unconventional Minecraft items have been added to the game, such as new swords, tools, and much more.

Server Address: play.mc-oasis.com

1) GamiFun's Demon Slayer

IP Address: demonslayer.gamifun.eu

Last but certainly not least is the GamiFun Demon Slayer server. This server is solely dedicated to the Demon Slayer game mode and is a brilliant choice for anyone exclusively looking to jump into some Demon Slaying action.

In terms of gameplay, there are tons of things to do on this server, including choosing between playing as a Demon or a slayer, completing unique missions, and becoming part of the Twelve Kizuki or Hashira. There's even fully functional voice chat which makes the server a truly great social experience to make new friends.

One important thing to note is that this server is a modded Minecraft server and requires both forge and a specific Demon Slayer mod in order for players to join. Those unaware of how to install both Forge and Forge mods to their game instance can check out this helpful guide.

Server Address: demonslayer.gamifun.eu

Minecraft Demon Slayer tips & tricks

Those looking to get their feet wet in the world of Demon Slayer servers must remain vigilant at all times, especially in PvP areas. It's also recommended to play with a friend and stick by them at all times since powerful Demons can spawn at random in the world, which can be dangerous foes to tackle alone.

Should readers not have an accomplice to play with, a wise strategy might be to make friends on the server at the server spawn before wandering into the wilderness where the demons lurk.

Swords are a big deal on Demon Slayer servers (Image via mcpedl)

Finally, weapons are a big deal on Demon Slayer servers. Players should strive to obtain the best sword possible in order to give them a higher chance of success when battling powerful demons.

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3 best Minecraft Demon Slayer servers (2024)
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